Get Longer Lasting Fragrances With Pulse Points

What Are Pulse Points?

Pulse points are natural areas of the body where you can feel your pulse beat, such as the ear, throat, wrist, elbow, and knee.

We mentioned in our other post that the way you apply your fragrance goes a long way in determining how effective and long lasting it is. We also mentioned that to get the most of your fragrances you should apply them directly to the skin, but which points on the skin are the most effective? And what makes these points different from other parts of your body?

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How Do They Work?

Pulse points contain concentrated areas of blood vessels, and more those vessels are closer to the surface of the skin than in other areas of our body.

Due to the increased blood flow and the closeness of the blood to the outer layer of the skin, these points generate more heat than other areas of the body. This excess heat can positively affect your fragrance by encouraging the diffusion between it and your body's own natural  oils, which means stronger, more unique, and longer lasting scents!

Atara by Michael Malul

Atara, by Michael Malul

Where Are They?

While not a full list of pulse points, these are the ones most commonly used and which give the best results:


  • This may seem like an odd place to spritz, but keeping the ears scented means your head and face will stay smelling fresh.
  • The tops of the ears produce a lot of your body's natural oils, which can mix with your scent and lengthen its duration.
  • Add some light moisturizer to your ears to increase this effect.


  • The throat contains many veins which make it a great pulse point, especially down along the length of the collarbone.
  • For sensitive skin, try infusing a necklace with your fragrance, to wear a scent without direct application.
  • Take care not to indirectly apply to your clothes.


  • This is one of the most popular and traditional areas to apply.
  • Apply towards the inside of your wrist, not towards your hand or palm.
  • Never grind your fragrance into your wrists! This can damage the delicate molecules which give a fragrance its proper scent.
  • Be careful not to wash away your scent while washing your hands.


  • Often overlooked for fragrance application, the elbow can be a great pulse point in warmer weather.
  • Spritz on the interior of your elbow, where your forearm connects with your bicep.
  • Applying near the elbow can help conceal some of your fragrance, giving a lighter, more subtle effect.
  • Don't bend your arms too much until your fragrance is dry, as this can reduce your fragrance's effect.


  • Another overlooked area for spritzing, the back of the knee is another great pulse point in warmer weather.
  • Try spritzing here after applying lotion or other moisturizers.
  • Apply to the softest areas of your skin.
  • Especially effective with dresses, shorts, or other lighter garments.